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Through all my struggles, I have learned that I am a master at researching and figuring things out.  It is likely a remnant of my days as a lawyer when I spent 6-8 hours a day researching widely disparate areas of law.  Early in my journey to motherhood, I consulted with a midwife who specializes in helping women increase their fertility naturally.  She was amazing.  But, the conversation for me was a bit anticlimactic because I was already taking most of the supplements she recommended through my own research and interest in the field.  It was definitely reassuring to know that my research was on track and that I wasn’t taking anything contra indicated.  I tell you this, not because she wasn’t an amazing resource and support, but as an example of my ability to research and figure things out.

In the end, to get pregnant, I traveled to Mexico to use an Egg Donor.  This decision came after researching endless options: frozen egg banks, embryo donation, embryo matching, egg donors in Chile, Spain, South Africa, and the Ukraine. 

I had two priorities: a fresh egg and a picture of the egg donor.  I could get these things in the US, but I wasn’t willing to pay upwards of $40K to do so.  So, I got on the Internet and figured out which countries I could see pictures of the egg donors.  From there, I narrowed it down and ended up at a lovely clinic in Cancun, Mexico.  I faced many hurdles along the way like how to get the Rx drugs I needed and how to get my sperm vials into Mexico.  I always stayed calm, laughed at the absurdity of it all, and kept researching and generating options until I figured out it.  My friends and I laughed for hours about the obscure things I was learning and the bizarre back up plans I had concocted.  I’ve been described as tenacious more than once in my life. 

From my own journey, I have a wealth of information about various options.  But I am also a master at research and am more than happy to help you research and navigate your own unique path.

  • Assess a myriad of options
  • Help navigating traditional and alternative approaches to fertility
  • Research and support
  • Help going abroad or choosing less well-known route
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