100% Donor

Deciding to use an egg donor is a delicate and difficult step.  And, if you are a single woman, who needs both an egg and sperm donor, the choice to relinquish all genetic ties to the baby can feel devastating.  But for me, and an increasing number of women in the US, 100% donor can be a great option, which requires adjustment of your expectations and dreams. Everyone has a different path they need to follow in order to get closure and come to a place of acceptance before using someone else's eggs. 

For me the choice to use 100% Donor made perfect sense.  I believe in the power of pregnancy—the baby is bathing in your juices, smelling you, hearing you, tasting your food through the placenta for 9.5 months. While I believe genetics are important, I also strongly believed in the plasticity of our genetic material and the power of being incubated inside my body. The field of epigenetics is making strides every year proving that gene expression is largely dependent on the environment, and by far the most important environment is the uterus.  I’ve come to a place where using an egg donor was not a failure or a devastation.  It was an adventure.  

For others, adoption is the more obvious choice.  Women want the opportunity to help a child who does not have a good home.  For others, choosing not to have a baby makes more sense.

How I Can Help


Through regular one-on-one sessions either over phone, Skype, Facetime, or in person if geography permits, I can offer you:

  • Support facing emotional ups and downs
  • What's right for you?  Egg donor, embryo donation or adoption
  • When have you tried enough? Getting closure so you can confidently move forward knowing you did everything you could?
  • Make sense of various options for egg donors: fresh egg donors, frozen egg banks, going abroad, known donors, embryo donation.
  • Research and logisitical support. 
  • Referrals to specialists in supporting you through the adoption process.
  • Tools to help you calm the mind and body
  • Perspective and coping skills

I offer a Free 15- minute consultation, 60-90 minute sessions and comprehensive packages or Fertility Doula services for women who want a confidant and support through the emotional and logistical journey. 

Chat Room: Join a chat group to discuss all things related to egg donation, 100% donor, embryo adoptions, etc. Click here—note you must have a google account and be signed into it to join. 

Support Group: 

100% Donor, Egg Donation, Embryo Donation, Adoption This support group is for women both contemplating egg donation or embryo donation and those who have decided they need an egg donor but need help navigating the various options. Discussions about epigenetics, why I chose egg donation over adoption, frozen egg donor banks, embryo adoption, donor IVF abroad etc.  Ample time will be devoted to concerns about using an egg donor and how to come to terms with not using your own genetic material.

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