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Your Fertility Doula

Hire me to be your Fertility Doula and Family Building Coach to embark on this journey with you. I offer personal coaching, support groups and classes to help you navigate emotional, logistical and spiritual roller coaster of trying to get conceive, conception and parenting. 

Through regular one-on-one sessions either over phone, Skype, Facetime, or in person if geography permits, I can offer you:

  • Support facing emotional ups and downs
  • Help deciding the right course
  • Tools to help you calm the mind and body
  • Perspective and coping skills
  • Research and logisitical support

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Potential Topics for Support

  • 100% Donor—The world of egg and sperm 
    • What's right for you?  Egg donor, embryo donation or adoption
    • When have you tried enough? Getting closure so you can confidently move forward knowing you did everything you could?
    • Make sense of various options for egg donors: fresh egg donors, frozen egg banks, going abroad, known donors, embryo donation.
    • Referrals to specialists in supporting you through the adoption process.

  • Trying to Conceive (TTC)
    • Logistical overview and guidance to navigate the world of advanced reproductive technologies (ART)
    • Support dealing with the emotional ups and downs of trying to get pregnant.
    • Emotional and spiritual perspectives to deal with hope, disappointment and shame.
    • Help navigating both the alternative world of supplements, acupuncturists, naturopaths, etc., as well as the western medicine world of reproductive endocrinologists and fertility medicines.
    • Help getting to know your body.  Tips for tracking ovulation and other fertility signs.
    • Tools to integrate mind and body so that you can optimize fertility and stay calm throughout the journey to motherhood. 

  • Choice Mama-hood?
    • Can I afford it?
    • If I am a single mother will I ever date again?  Will it be impossible to find Mr. Right?
    • Can I face using a sperm donor?  Can I deal with knowing very little about the donor?
    • Do I know anyone I could ask for sperm? If so, what would our relationship be like?
    • Will I be able to raise a child alone?
    • What will it be like for the child not to know his/her biological father or construct another non-traditional relationship with a known donor.

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Resources and Links

Join the Conversation: I moderate several Google Groups on topics relevant to women in the process of getting pregnant.  Please join and share your knowledge or ask questions and get resources from others on the same journey. Note, you must have a Google account and be signed into to it to join. 

1) Using and Egg Donor

2) Going Abroad for Fertility Treatments

E-Guide to Egg Donation and Egg Freezing: Mikki Morrissette compiled a fabulous guide to egg donation and egg freezing.  I contributed 2 full articles and other resources like questions to ask yourself about using fresh vs frozen eggs, going abroad for services etc. Purchase a copy from the link below:

Articles by Sarah Kowalski on ESME.com (Empowring Solo Moms Everywhere) 

Talking to our Children about their Donor Fathers

Unscrambling Eggs: Options for Egg Donation for Solo Moms

When Health Insurance for Fertility Runs Out: Creative Solutions to Realize Your Dream

Coming To Terms with Using An Egg Donor: Epigenetics and Beyond

Choice Moms: http://www.choicemoms.org/home/1  Since 2003, Mikki Morrissette has been communicating with single women in many countries who are choosing to build a family of their own.  Her website will help you find podcasts, articles, resources and events specially designed for the Choice Mom community.  

MAIA MidwiferyKristen Kali focuses on natural methods of achieving optimal fertile health by teaching fertility awareness methods that allow you to understand when your body is most fertile. She provides private consultations, online support groups, webinars, fertility classes, fertility retreats, childbirth education classes to LGBTQ families, single parents by choice and women over 40. 

At Home Fertility: Michelle Edgar, LM and Rebecca, LM CPM have been helping to create families in the Bay Area since 2002 through safe, gentle inseminations in the privacy and comfort of your own howm.  They are product so assist families of of all types during the intimate, joyful and sometimes challenging conception process, offereing personal care and support shaped by your needs and support. 

The Secrets of Breast Milk: a fascinating article written by an evolutionary biologist 

Mammals Suck: Blog with many interesting articles about the importance of milk and the types of information that are being passed through the breast milk. 

 In Her Own Sweet Timehttp://www.inherownsweettime.com/. Book by Rachel Lehman Haupt.  Faced with the pressure of finding true love on the edge of her fertility, author Rachel  Lehmann-Haupt traveled around the world and into the heart of America to explore the many new choices available to women in the twenty-first century—egg freezing, single motherhood, and instant families—while also grappling with her own ambitions, anxieties, and personal values. A witty, poignant, and profoundly honest account of one woman’s efforts to reconcile modern love with modern life, In Her Own Sweet Time will resonate with a huge generation of young women who want it all—a career, a family, the perfect partner— but haven’t figured out yet how to fit it all together.

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